The King Confetti Fabric 2017

Our Basics 2017 collection is super special because it it comprised of Boys On Teeth's maiden Textile Printed Collection - the King Confetti fabric collection.


We have been interested in producing our own printed textile collection for a while, and even more when we dove into doing kidswear. But we want to produce fabrics that are safe to babies, environment, and the people making it. We want our fabric to match our principles.

We searched high and low - local and international - for fabric manufacturers with ethical work values and we were ecstatic to found it right in our very own country. We visited the factory and spoke with the workers and had a ball of a time discussing about proper textile waste management, and sustainability in manufacturing.


Basics 2017 have 4 patterns: Bicycle, Box, House and Shells (below, from left to right, in order). They all shared the same color palettes and the same concept of brushstrokes style design. We have been loving the raw look of paint and we thought they will make great prints for fabrics.



The fabrics are used in all our design sparingly, except for the Rona dresses. This way, we get to incorporate prints and colors while still keeping to our simple aesthetic.